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Spa and Hot Tub Cover
Measuring Tips

Below are diagrams of the basic shape of covers for just about any type of spa/hottub.

  • First -
    • Review the below diagrams and determine which cover shape you will need, ie; square, octagon, circle, etc.  Note the type of cover needed.
  • Second -
    • This step is very important !!  Make sure and measure to the OUTSIDE lip of your spa.  See diagram #1.  Not the base cabinet, but to the OUTSIDE of the spa that extends above the base cabinet.
    • Measurements must be exact for the cover to fit correctly.
  • Third -
    • Make a list of the measurements you will need.  Such as, i.e.; Measurement A, Measurement B, Measurement C, etc.
  • Fourth -
    • Now - Double Check All of your Measurements.  We can't stress this step enough. 
     If done properly, your cover will fit just like the original.  Again, please make sure and follow the above steps and double check your measurements. 
Caution - Once a cover has been ordered, it cannot be changed.

     Now, let's get down to measuring your spa.  Use the below diagram to properly measure your spa.

Diagram # 1

     Though the diagram has been altered, it is representative of what your spa looks like in a cut-away view.  Notice, and we re-iterate this again, the measurement is shown as measuring the outside of the spa itself, NOT the base cabinet.  Using the above diagram as your definitive guide, onto the cover shape.

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There are six (6) basic cover shapes.....

1.   Round
2.   Square or Rectangle
3.   One-Cut Corner
4.   Two-Cut Corner
5.   Four-Cut Corner
6.   Octagon

Spa Vertical Extension -


Not all spas/hottubs extend the same amount above the deck or cabinet of the spa unit.  Don't forget to include this measurement.  This is also what is called "the skirt".


- How to Measure A Radius -

How to Measure A Radius Corner - Custom Spa Covers Radius Corners

To calculate the radius of a curve on a pool or spa:

  1. Extend two imaginary lines to a point where the sides would have met had the corner been square.
  2. Provide the distance from the break of the curve (point A) to the imaginary point (point B). This will be your radius measurement.

HINT: Use two rulers or 2x4 to extend the sides of your pool or spa tub to a point (B). This will make it easier to measure from point A (beginning of radius) to B.

- How To Measure A Cut Corner -

How To Measure A Cut Corner On A Spa Cover.

Hint: Use two rulers to extend the sides of your spa tub to a point. This will make it easier to measure from point A to point B.

To provide the information on a cut corner, it may be necessary to verify the accuracy of that information.

First, extend two imaginary lines to a point where the sides would have met had the corner been square.

Check the distance from the inflexion of the cut corner (point A) to the imaginary (point B).

Now check this measurement against out cut corner measurement verification chart below.

Cut Corner Spa Cover Measurement Verification

If your
cut corner is:
Your dimension to
the square must be:
6" - - - 4-1/4"
7" - - - 5"
8" - - - 5-5/8"
9" - - - 6-3/8"
10" - - - 7"
11" - - - 7-3/4"
12" - - - 8-1/2"
13" - - - 9-1/8"
14" - - - 9-7/8"
15" - - - 10-5/8"
16" - - - 11-1/4"
17" - - - 12"
18" - - - 12-3/4"
19" - - - 13-1/2"
20" - - - 14-1/4"
21" - - - 14-7/8"
22" - - - 15-1/2"
23" - - - 16-1/4"
24" - - - 17"



Corner Radius Measurement -

Some spas have rounded corners.  The radius of a corner is measured as in the above diagram.  If you are unsure about measuring the radius of a corner, follow these rules;

  • Lay or place two yardsticks along each side of the spa at the corner so the yardsticks come together and touch, making a 90 degree angle.
  • Make sure that the yardsticks begin their numbering where the two touch or come together.
  • Note the measurement on the yardsticks where the yardsticks actually touch the spa surface.
  • From this measurement, deduct inch.
  • You now have your measurement for your radiused corner.  Note - the inch is deducted so the resulting cover will not be too tight in the corners.
     Now, let's pick out a color for your new cover.  All colors come in heavy weight vinyl that will last many years with proper care and periodic cleaning.  These covers are made in the U.S.A.

     After you have selected your color, write it down, as the previous form must have a color selected before we can place your order.