INTERMATIC These all metal heavy duty control centers are highly versatile in that they may contain multiple time switches with optional heater control switches or may also feature special wiring devices, air switches, freeze protection thermostats, circuit breakers, transformers and groundfault protected receptacles with weatherproof covers. These all-in-one pool controls reduce the cost of installation while providing for custom wiring to satisfy special needs or local code requirements.

  • Features an all-weather enclosure and contain heavy-duty industrial grade time controls.
  • Provision provided for switches or a GFCI receptacle on the side and additional switches inside.
  • Indoors or Outdoors

Filter Pumps-Booster Pump Combinations, Filter Pump-Light Controls, Pool-Spa Combinations, Yard Lighting, Signs

T10101R, SPST, 110 Volt
metal Case


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T10404R, DPST,  220 Volt
metal Case
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  • Provides up to 12 ON/OFF operations each day. 2 sets of trippers supplied.
  • Minimum ON/OFF operation of one hour.
  • Available in either metal or plastic enclosure.
  • Indoors or outdoors.

Filter Pumps, Hydrochlorinators, Air Conditioning, Music and Signal Systems, Heat Pumps, Lighting, Blowers, Fans

T101P3   110 Volt Plastic Case $116.00

T104P3   220 Volt Plastic Case $116.00
T101P201 with fireman's cutoff switch, 110 Volt Plastic Case $164.00
T101R3  110 Volt Metal Case $132.00
T104R3  220 Volt Metal Case $124.00


T30000 Series 100 Amp Control Centers T30404R

This Control Panel reduces installation costs and provides all of the electrical requirements for any pool and/or spa installation. It offers an all-in-one electrical control panel which can be custom wired for a wide variety of requirements, and eliminates the need for additional junction boxes and service panels. This control comes complete with two T104M time switch mechanisms and has provision for installing a GFCI receptacle on the side and additional switches inside. It can also accept any combination of T100M, P1000ME, RC2000M or PF1000M Series Mechanisms.

Product Specs

  • Two T104M - Mechanisms
  • DPST - DPST Switch
  • Case - 16-1/2" (41.9 cm) high x 8-7/8" (22.5 cm) wide x 4-1/4" (10.6 cm) deep
  • Switch Rating - 40 Amp resistive
  • Shipping Weight - 18.6 lbs. (8.4 kg)
  • Agency Approval - CSA/C-US
T30404R, DPST,  220 Volt
metal Case
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