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All resin above ground swimming pools. These are the only true round above ground swimming pools.

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35 year warranty (3 years full, 32 years prorated)

  • 10" Curved Solid Resin Top Seats
  • 52" wall height
  • 7" x 4" Resin Coated Uprights

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Frame & Wall
Our Supreme Series frame is constructed of the highest quality resins available today. The resin in injection molded which allows it to have a strong ribbed reinforcement. Injection will allow it to maintain the original strength and beauty through many long lot summers as well as the coldest of winters. Massive uprights further strengthen and complete the stylish frame.

The subframe has resin top and bottom joints that lock together the super strong steel 1" top and bottom wall track or the optional double vinyl coated contemporary wall patterns and you will have a pool that is unequaled in beauty, appearance, and quality. Not to mention value, strength, and durability.

Top Caps
The top seats are 10" and curved to make a completely round pool unlike standard round pools.

Pools come in 8" frame series. Rounds and ovals are made in a wide variety of sizes. They are available in 52" depths.

35 year warranty included with the first three years full. The remaining 33 years are prorated.

  • Special galfan coated walls to resist corrosion far beyond that of the standard galvanization process.
  • Resin components cannot rust or corrode.
  • The Supreme Series injection is unmatched for strength.
Makes a true round pool!